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What is cloud gaming, and why you should care.

Devexity Team - Published: 2017 - Jun - 14

Cloud gaming, if you think about it, is a term you've probably heard, but never really thought too much about. Well I'm here to change that; in this post I will outline exactly why I believe cloud gaming is going to change your world forever.

When you think about gaming, especially really hardcore AAA games, you think about the huge costs they entail. "I would love to play [game] but my graphics card is just not up to it." you might say. Maybe you have searched online for a video card, saw the prices and ran. "500 bucks? It's only going to be good for a game or two, I'll live." you then convince yourself that subpar graphics and framerates of consoles will do you fine.

Surprise! They need updating. Constantly. Play once a week? You're going to be spending more time downloading updates than playing, you know it, I know it, everyone knows it. So now you are paying for a bandwidth-sink, waiting an hour or two for it to update before you even get to game. The worst.

In comes cloud gaming with a solution. What if your updates could be instant? Your casual gaming habits accomodated? With cloud gaming all of a sudden you're no longer downloading yet more updates, you are in the game straight away. Whats more, it looks good, I mean really good. High end PC good.

"What is this wizardry?" you decry. No wizardry required, cloud gaming offloads all of the heavy lifting into really big beefy servers connected up by lightning quick network connections, rendering the game and streaming the visuals directly to your low end computer just like a movie. Your computer then sends signals back to the server when you move your mouse or press buttons etc. If the cloud game platform is good, it's lagless. Cirro By Devexity is lagless.

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