Cirro by Devexity. What are the benefits of cloud gaming and how do I get them?
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What are the benefits of cloud gaming, and how do I get them?

Devexity Team - Published: 2017 - Jun - 15

Like with anything there are intrinsic benefits and value in cloud gaming, many of which may not be apparent at first glance. In this post I will be letting you in on the benefits of cloud gaming; both obvious, and the not-so-obvious.

Let's start with the obvious, convenience. It's convenient to have a gaming PC that you can build and destroy at the touch of a button, that you don't have to pay to run, plug in, update. You can connect to it from your laptop if you feel like it. It's really that simple.

This leads us into cost. It is extremely cost-effective, when you only pay for what you use, you soon start to see the benefit of controlling what you spend on gaming. Why drop large sums of cash on a machine you may not always see the benefits of? You wouldn't buy a fancy sports car to go for cruises on some random weekend getaway, you would rent; Cloud gaming can let you rent the sports car equivalent of PC Gaming.

Now we start to get into the tangential benefits, Internet speed and bandwidth. Let's take the example of our platform: Cirro By Devexity. Our networks are lightning fast, faster than your home Internet could ever be (no offense, we both know it's true) that coupled with the fact you are downloading to your module, you soon realise your benefits are two-fold. Your game installs are gonna be quick, crazy quick and the updates? Blink and you'll miss them!

Pretty soon you come to the question of mult-iplayer games, and yes, the answer is yes. Cirro By Devexity makes multi-player lagless, crazy lagless, have you ever had LAN party speeds with your friends of whom are spread throughout the country? On Cirro by Devexity you can. On Cirro by Devexity, you are no longer held back by your ADSL connection, you are unbound with a full 1Gbps pipe. Compare your server ping times to ours, again no offense, you won't even get close to our numbers (unless you camp out in your servers' data-centre). Way too cool.

"I hate multi-player, though" Yes, people like that do exist, and guess what Mr anti-social, you can get benefits too! You might agree, it is no big secret that streaming is big, crazy big, but many of us are limited to our upload speeds. What if I told you with our cloud gaming platform we could unshackle you from these restrictions. For us Internet is a two-way street. Our uploads are as fast as our downloads, so go ahead, sign up for Twitch, YouTube gaming, because when Cirro By Devexity is launched, you can kick off your streaming career with all the cool kids.

You may start to wonder, "What about my save games? My gaming library? I don't want to start all over again." I'm smiling right now dear reader, I'm smiling because I'm about to tell you something awesome, crazy awesome. Cirro By Devexity is compatible with all of your favourite digitial distribution services, and if your saves aren't backed up on these services, don't fret, we have included a third party tool to allow you to synch them across! It will be like you have been on Cirro by Devexity all along. Don't lose your place, pickup right where you left off!

Phew! That's a lot of benefits for one article, and surprisingly, that's not all of them, and each point could be an article in of itself. So stay tuned, because we will be delving deeper into exactly why you should be hyped, crazy hyped, for Cirro By Devexity. Why not sign up for our mailing list? We won't spam you and you can stay up to date for when the campaign finally launches! We'll tell you how you can get all of these benefits and more. What do you have to lose? More importantly, you already know what you have to gain.

We will need your support to bring this to life, we will be running an IndieGoGo Campaign, very soon!

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