Cirro by Devexity. Your experience gaming on a cloud gaming service in Australia.
Cirro By Devexity
Find out how Cirro by Devexity is building a robust fully-fledged cloud gaming platform for Australian gamers. Cloud gaming is coming to Australia.

Your experience gaming on a cloud gaming service in Australia.

Devexity Team - Published: 2017 - Jun - 17

It's no secret amongst gamers in Australia, that as far as technology and games are concerned, we get a bit of a raw deal. Cirro By Devexity hopes to turn the tides and bring better gaming experiences to Australian gamers

Whether it is overpriced games, a lack of regional game servers, or substandard ADSL. There seems to be no limit to the limitations Aussie gamers face when it comes to getting a consistent gaming experience.

Tucked away in our little corner of the world, it's not often we get many of the latest and greatest advancements many other countries enjoy. With Cirro By Devexity, that is about to change. We are bringing cloud gaming to Australia, and it is glorious.

As gamers we looked at the state of gaming in Australia and the many many technical and financial limitations we face when trying to get into the latest AAA titles.

So we have compiled this list, and in doing so we can show you how we've addressed each one.


Australia, in general, costs more for everything. Even accounting for import/export costs, currency conversion rates and GST, Australian gamers can often expect to pay more for just about everything. We here at Devexity have a mission to try and turn the tides on that front. We have crafted Cirro by Devexity to be both affordable while remaining a formidable, fast-paced gaming experience. Pay as you go, only pay for what you use. Just like a pre-paid mobile service!

Technological Lag

We usually get things later than the rest of the world (if at all), and while that is slowly turning around, we still miss out on so much, because many places just don't see us as a viable market. We here at Devexity think that's pretty rubbish. That's why we are committed to building this platform here, cloud gaming is coming to Australia, and it is here to stay.

Connection quality and speed

While strides are being made to upgrade our networks to be faster, more robust, we are still not quite there, and my never be on the forefront of speed or quality. Australian infrastructure is sparse, and costly. Our platform tackles this problem in a unique and novel way. We reduce the need for massive amounts of bandwidth in the home by streaming the games to you, much like a video streaming service. No more fights over busting up the family Internet over game updates.

Online experience

Australia doesn't have a huge number of online gaming services, or even gaming related communities, game servers etc. Devexity is committed to fostering a burgeoning gaming community in Australia, and we will be working very hard to cultivate more gaming services here. Not to mention we will be building a game development scene in the not too distant future. So, keep your eyes peeled, there's plenty more in store in the near future.

We will need your support to bring this to life, we will be running an IndieGoGo Campaign, very soon!

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