Cirro by Devexity. How you can play the latest PC games without buying a gaming PC.
Cirro By Devexity
You no longer have to have the best PC to play any and all of your future and current favourite games. Find out how to play AAA games without a gaming PC

How you can play the latest PC games without buying a gaming PC.

Devexity Team - Published: 2017 - Jun - 20

You might be asking yourself, "How can I play new games without buying a gaming PC?" Well the answer is pretty straight-forward, and in this article we'll be letting you in on just how you can get into gaming, without expensive computer hardware!

Cloud gaming can give you the all the fantastic benefits of having a top-of-the-line gaming PC, without all of the hassle and cost of owning a "gaming rig".

With Cirro By Devexity, we have enterprise server hardware attached to each and every module. Each module is completely reserved just for you, no shared sessions, no down-scaling and no limitations.

Many other platforms try to shoe-horn you into shared resources, down-scaling your session and generally limiting you on what their systems are capable of. We aim to be different.

We want to give you the closest possible experience to having your very own gaming PC in the cloud. Connect from anywhere. Without limitations. That's why Cirro By Devexity is cloud gaming. Unbound.

We will need your support to bring this to life, we will be running an IndieGoGo Campaign, very soon!

Cirro By Devexity is our premiere cloud gaming platform.

Compliments your existing PC, giving you the gaming boost you're looking for.

Play your favourite AAA games in a snap.

No more upgrade hassle! Connect to your own online gaming module.

Each module is equipped with enterprise grade hardware

Each module is equipped with a jaw dropping 1Gbps connection!

Don't pay for disposable gaming hardware! Save your money for our IndieGoGo campaign.

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