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Cirro by Devexity. Cloud Gaming. Unbound.
Launch Your Gaming Experience To The Cloud!

What is Cirro By Devexity?

Cirro by Devexity is Australia's premiere cloud gaming platform. Using Cirro By Devexity is a snap!

Each and every Cirro By Devexity module is a power-house of gaming, boasting an enterprise grade GPU, buckets and buckets of RAM, and more CPU cores than you can poke a stick at!

Lighting Fast Internet Speeds

Wait, what is cloud gaming?

Cloud gaming is a flourishing, bleeding-edge technology that takes all of the hard work of rendering and running your games and places it in the cloud.

Cirro by Devexity is jam-packed with enterprise grade server goodness, which means you no longer have to constantly chase the next big upgrade, let us do all of the hard work. Easy!

This also means you no longer have to worry about pesky game updates, waiting hours for game downloads, hunting down compatible hardware builds.

High Performance Gaming In the Cloud

Cloud Modules. Gaming Bliss

Our High Speed Modules, are High Performance Gaming Machines!

Run Your Own Livestreaming Channel

Live-stream Direct

Sure, other services can live-stream but they rely on your Internet connection

Cirro by Devexity's underlying Gaming Fabric has the live-streaming servers directly connected!

No more blocky-ness with Live-stream Direct you are connected directly to the ingest server.

Stream with ease. Stream with Live-stream Direct!

Sign Up and be sure to get your Live-Stream Direct Channel Today!

New Module Locations Opening Around The Globe

Adding New Locations!

We are Australian based, but it isn't going to stay that way! We are working hard to drop across the globe!

Sign Up Today! And we will let you know when we are coming to your neck of the woods!

Experience Limitless Gaming Potential

Sounds good! Where do I sign?

Cirro by Devexity is currently in a closed beta stage, and we are now accepting a small number of early access users.

So please, sign up here!.

Sign Up Now!